Using Salesforce Foundation to Improve Literacy - One Dog at a Time

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Salesforce Foundation Offers 10 Free Licenses to Nonprofits. We help them use it.

The need is great--the most at-risk kids in Chicago struggle with reading and writing, reducing their odds of being successful in life.  SitStayRead has a proven program which brings teams of trained volunteers with certified reading assistance therapy dogs to the kids in their local classrooms and community centers. 


Unfortunately, there is more need in more neighborhoods.


How do you add new program locations--plus recruit, train and manage volunteers--without adding administrative costs and staff?  When you have multiple, disconnected sources of information like SitStayRead--and human beings acting as the connection points for systems--you just can't.

SocialRaise introduced them to the world’s leading constituent relationship system (CRM),, which provides any approved 501(c)3 organization with free software.  By configuring and augmenting the system to meet their unique needs, and loading with their compiled and cleaned data, SocialRaise created a centralized, automated management system.  This allows them to scale up to meet the growing needs, without necessarily increasing the number of staff.

Salesforce Foundation's CRM allows SitStayRead to focus on improving the literacy of thousands of kids – one dog at a time.

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"SocialRaise understood that a CRM needed to function around how SitStayRead aims to run our organization and programs. They listened to our needs and goals; worked to understand our existing processes, systems and data; and made recommendations accordingly. The technology follows and supports us--and not the other way around." - Kate McIlvain, Director of Program Operations, SitStayRead